What metal to choose for your jewelry?

Would you like to buy a new piece of jewelry as a gift or for yourself? Remember to consider the metal of your future jewel. Different metals determine strength, durability, appearance, luster, and jewelry value. 

What metal to choose for your jewelry? What is the strongest metal? What are precious metals? We offer a selection of metals used in jewelry making to help you make the right choice.


Yellow gold, pink gold, white gold… Gold is the first metal we think of when we talk about wholesale jewelry for women or men. A precious metal, gold is one of the most expensive metals. It is often used to make jewelry for special occasions, such as wedding rings or engagement rings, because of its durability. 

Gold is indeed very durable, it has a long life. High quality, keeps its color for many years, and is not easy to scratch. We recommend that you choose at least 14K gold jewelry, as this jewelry contains at least 50% pure gold and is known for its high quality.


Silver is a common metal in jewelry. Many earrings and rings and many chains and jewelry are made of 925 silver. This item is made of 92.5% pure silver. Inexpensive silver jewelry is not suitable for people with acidic PH skin. 

In this case, silver certainly tends to tarnish quickly. Regular drying with a microfiber towel or glasses can make it shine longer. Washing regularly for a few hours in white vinegar can also help prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing or clean it thoroughly.

Gold plated

There are many gold-soft pieces of jewelry to wear in women’s stores, but also in jewelry. Jewelry that shines and is beautiful just like gold but less expensive. 

They come in a wonderful variety of gold jewelry, such as earrings, rings set with semi-precious or common stones, pendant necklaces, necklaces or chokers, bracelets, bracelets or bracelets … 

We advise you to choose high-quality gold jewelry if you want to keep it for a long time and just wear it when you go out. Worn daily or in the shower, with accessories that tend to turn green when in contact with the skin.


Copper jewelry is beautiful and, according to popular belief, is known to relieve pain. They reflect light well and are popular for their unique colors. Copper is a strong material, difficult to break or scratch. 

Such copper jewelry is more of costume jewelry, as it turns black or green when worn a lot. So it is an inexpensive metal, rarely used in the production of precious jewelry.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an almost indestructible alloy. Composed of chrome and steel, stainless steel never rusts, as its name implies. They are durable, waterproof, and sweatproof. Stainless steel is often used to make jewelry, but also for piercing. 

This article is well known to prevent tingling sensations, itching, and infections. Free of nickel, stainless steel rarely causes allergic reactions. The cherry on the cake? In addition to its reasonable price and its many qualities, stainless steel jewelry is available in many colors (silver, gold, pink, etc.).


Brass is a warm colored metal, in a yellow tone. Resists salt water and corrosion. The color of brass jewelry does not change over time unless you wear it for a long time. 

They are not, however, particularly bright and shiny ornaments. Choose it if you want things with a basic but smart look.

Now you know the main types of jewelry products. There are others, which are rarely found in jewelry because they are very expensive, such as palladium, platinum, or platinum alloy jewelry. 

Are you hesitating between multiple metals? Do you want to find modern or timeless jewelry? Go to a jewelry store for expert jewelry advice.

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