what is better between more foam or less foam for men facial foam

It’s been a long time since I’ve been wondering why foaming cleansers have to be foaming. And is it necessary? The more men, those bubbles, what does it help us to be handsome? It’s a question I get asked often. and is still being asked to this day. which had a good chance that I found that this bubble came from something So I want to tell you about the techniques for washing your face that help men’s facial skin look good. It’s not difficult at all.

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  Let’s start with a foam that must be foaming. Of course, in the past when registering various cosmetics, if it was stated that it was a face wash, it had to be foaming. If it didn’t have bubbles, it couldn’t be called foam. Then the advertising will be chaotic. because I have to explain a lot about what this thing is called. In one era, we heard advertisements that some brands of facial foam told us that foam without foam, that’s an example of a face wash that mixes with water and doesn’t create foam. It has to be advertised like that. But it became a different selling point and eventually caught on. which the good department It’s marketing.

  Not good bubbles? in the past as always Foaming agents are the defendants of the dryness that occurs after washing your face. And the more I compare that anything with bubbles is the same as detergent. Fong in the old days had a case with him that it was not good. It makes your skin dry, tight and look aging fast. But the reality is not that much if we wash our face properly.

How are bubbles good? This is what I want to say from my experience of trial and error and being asked for advice. including information obtained from cosmetic brands and expert advice

  1. It increases the contact area of ​​the cleansing product. And it helps to penetrate along the wings of the nose with blackheads. The surface under the beard is better. Cleansing products that have little or no foam at all will increase the contact area, you need to mix a lot of water. Make it more liquid and end up dripping onto the floor more than using a face wash.
  2. Foaming facial cleanser Often foams when mixed with clean water suitable for washing your face. I’ve been to other provinces and allergic to water came back. I felt strange from the beginning why the facial foam that I use today doesn’t have bubbles. Until I go back to Bangkok and I’m allergic to water, but I reach some point when the doctor says I’m allergic to water. Probably caused by the water used to wash your face. The foam has bubbles, so it serves to detect it for us to notice that it is fragile.
  3. Foaming facial cleanser It is also said that You mix the cleanser with water until it’s settled. When the bubbles come out, they are ready to be used to wash your face. Most importantly, it’s easy to wash off. Many times, people come to consult that they are allergic to facial foam. When I asked how to use foam Everyone squeezes the foam into their hands, puts a little water, and rubs quickly so that the product spreads all over their hands, but the bubbles are not yet formed. I rubbed it on the face at all. That’s the main cause of acne. because the product will be firmly attached Difficult to clean thoroughly The more I found the speed of running through the water of the young man Those non-foaming foams stay on the surface. Similar to taking a shower and rubbing soap but not washing your body. It will sting and irritate it, so mix it until it creates a spongy foam. It’s ten times easier to wash off.
  4. When the mixture is done It’s foamy It will be gentle on the skin. Because we don’t have to rub and massage the face like crazy. The bubble reduces direct abrasion. and soft bubbles Those will help push the top layer of dead skin cells that are ready to fall off easily.
  5. Some brands contain mineral-rich phospholipids. Helps absorb excess oil on the top layer of skin completely. If it’s not very oily on the skin, it’s not active. Just clean the skin normally. and gives a feeling of comfort to the skin only

After counting 5 advantages, I want you to stop worrying that bubbles are not the enemy of handsome. You can use a foaming cleanser to clean the skin easily every day.

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