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Various system work related to the knock-down house

When it comes to system work for building a house, it is inevitable. insulation work Zinc purlin fixing work For installing metal roofing sheets Installation work of exterior Upvc door frame, PVC interior bathroom, and main installation of doors and windows. The system work will have details as follows.

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insulation work

EPS Foam which is a type of foam filled with flame retardant compound. It is ignited but not flame retardant. It is used for outdoor insulation. which is an efficient system for Prevent heat from entering the building Better than fiberglass insulation that is available in the market generally, but may be difficult to find. because it is a specific building material

Suitable thickness for installation in the truss Both the ceiling and the wall can fit, namely

  • Thickness 5 cm. Density 0.75 -1 lb.
  • Installing the insulation under the roof must install the EPS foam fixing during the day in time.

If the budget is limited, choose to put insulation under the roof first. If there is a budget left, choose to put insulation at the wall next…

  1. Zinc purlin fixing work For installing metal roofing sheets

  Galvanized purlin, thickness 0.55 mm. for metal sheet roof by using screws to secure the purlin

  1. Installation work behind the metal sheet

    Metal sheet screws, length 50 mm. with block head No. 8

Install plastic bird proof sheet metal sheet by inserting it under the roof and placing it on the purlin and attach the screws together to the back of the metal sheet=

Install the front cover metal sheet

  1. Installation of PVC exterior upvc door frame, interior bathroom

Using the exterior door, use the door + UPVC frame, size 80×200 cm.

Using the bathroom door inside, use the door + PVC frame, size 70×200 cm.

Fix the jamb with a 2 inch long screwdriver bit.

**UPVC doors for external use Can be purchased at HOMEPRO.

Principles for buying and using doors

Doors available in the market There are many kinds According to the price and quality of use, there are 4 types that are commonly used:

  1. Real wood doors, made from hardwood such as teak, red wood, padauk wood, etc., are expensive, 2,000-3,000 baht per door, can be used outside / inside, but require maintenance coatings The problem with real wooden doors is twisted, swollen, can’t open the door or doesn’t close completely.
  2. HDF wooden door is the door leaf for building a house that is used inside the building. Produced with high technology, TIS 192-2549 standard, priced from 700-2,000 baht, depending on the style and size.
  3. PVC doors are doors made of PVC and other substances. Good water resistance, TIS 1013-2533 standard, mostly used as interior bathroom doors not suitable outside When exposed to sunlight for a long time, it will break the frame. The service life is short.
  4. UPVC door or vinyl (Vinyl) is a special type of plastic. which has been added to achieve more durable and strong properties For external use, especially can be exposed to the sun, rain, not swollen, bent, like a real wooden door, priced from 2,000-3,000 baht, depending on features such as internal use or external / internal use

 Principles for buying and using doors

                Should choose a standard PVC door.

                TIS 1013-2533 (1990) PVC door panels

                Should choose a standard HDF door.

                TIS.192-2549 (2006), wooden door panels


***The author’s door purchase source is the HOMEPRO department store, there are many options, the price is not very high. modern style,

Door hinges and door knobs

Installing hinges and doorknobs

  • General doors, both inside and outside, are equipped with 4 hinges that use common door knobs with a key.
  • PVC bathroom door with 3 hinges, use door knobs Keyless (bathroom)

***Do not use general doorknobs to use with the bathroom door because there will be a problem with the bathroom door Lock itself. Always have to find a key to unlock.

TIS 759-2531 : Hinge for doors and windows

***Using door knobs and hinges that meet TIS standards helps reduce usage problems. The material is more durable than TIS.

Aluminum glass doors and windows

Selection of aluminum glass door windows of the steel structure knock-down house Build a single-storey house with two designs:

  1. Design window and door from prefabricated door pane

The advantage is that you just set up a frame around the wall and bring ready-made windows. Fasten with screws Assembling the equipment, sealing the joints is complete.

The limitation is that we cannot design doors and windows. according to the size we need freely. The installer may not be skilled. Poor sealant may cause later leaks.

  1. Window and door design according to the desired size by having the technician build the frame of the window and door and leave it and let the glass and aluminum technician come to measure and cut it later.. If the work has problems later, you can follow the service. The quality of the work depends. Technician who measures, cuts and installs

***Both types have the same cost. The choice depends on the style of the house and the convenience of the owner.

aluminum glass window Made to order in the desired size.

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