Top Five Tips To Improve Handwriting For Kids

Working on enhancing handwriting is perhaps a wearisome task for many in today’s world. Besides, looking at all the technological advancements, people do not consider improving their handwriting as an essential element since it will not go as handy as bettering typing skills.

But not many have realized that improved handwriting give people a unique identity and a personality enhancement that a signature at the end of your email will never replace. Whether we acknowledge it or not, even after all the technological development, we still prefer receiving well-handwritten letters in our mailbox instead of long texts via messages or emails. We feel delighted to receive greeting cards on holidays from loved ones, especially from kids, with their mysterious handwriting to decipher their messages. 

It’s never too late to work on handwriting improvement, especially for kids. Teach them how improved & better handwriting will help them express themselves and what role it will play in the future. If your kid has a kind of handwriting that even doctors won’t be able to interpret, then these tips are for you.


Top Tips To Improve Handwriting For Kids


1) Make The Practicing Session More Fun

To make the handwriting improvement session more fun and entertaining, make sure to offer your kids some special cartoon pencils or rainbow-colored pencils. Applying this method will increase kids’ curiosity to try to write something. Try not to give them words to copy over and over again. Instead, try some simple word puzzles, the game of hangman, and anagrams, or ask them to brainstorm varied lists of a theme to write something they would like to pen down. Remember one thing it is the first step to invoking their interest in improving their handwriting, so don’t push too much of anything on them. 

2) Encourage Kids To Draw Or Solve Puzzle Games

It is a physical requirement for handwriting improvement that a person should hold a pencil correctly, in control of their posture, dexterity, and coordination. After learning these, people will manipulate the writing objects in a better way and can work on improving their handwriting. Similarly, the same thing is expected from kids as well. Undoubtedly, kids are not going to learn all these things overnight. That’s why activities such as painting, drawing, or solving puzzles help their mind to develop these skills. Not only that, the whole process enhances kids’ motor skills.


3) Identify The Problem And Help Them Solve It

There are mainly four types of common handwriting problems that people usually face: letter formation, spaces between words, sizing, and line alignment. Kids face a hard time dealing with these problems. In order to improve their handwriting from the beginning, it is better to pinpoint their weak points and help them solve those pointers too. When kids know how & where they are making mistakes, it will be easier for them to rectify it as soon as possible. Though not every kid grasps their weak point early, but it’s a responsibility of a parent to help kids work on their weaknesses. To do that, make sure that you are focusing on the kid’s practice session while writing letters or concepts that challenge them. Also, make sure that kids use one of their hands to hold the paper or copy on which they are practicing. It improves their array of focus.


4) Choose The Right Tool

In order to improve your kid’s handwriting, it is vital to invoke their love & interest in it. Without the will & passion for improvement, kids won’t be able to enhance their handwriting skills in any way possible. To make your kids interested in improving their handwriting, try to offer them pencil that suits their personality. Pen or pencils that are kids-friendly or specifically made for kids have some cartoons on them or are small in size, etc. Such types of pencils help them engage in the activity in a better way. Also, make sure to let them use the eraser that has the same feature too. Providing kids with the right tool will keep them engrossed in the work of handwriting enhancement.


5) Let Them Write What’s Their Heart Desires

The last step to make your kids stay on the right path of handwriting improvement is to let them write whatever their heart desires. It is the perfect opportunity for your kids to indulge in the process and explore different aspects of penmanship. It does not matter whether your kid is practicing with their fingers or pencils or applying some other creative methods. Make sure to encourage them whenever they do anything well.


Final Thoughts

No matter how advanced we become technologically, the significance of handwriting will never fade away. Be it Calligraphy, Print, Textura, or any other form. A skill for great handwriting will never go out of style. 

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