Lower eyelid surgery

Problems with sagging and excess fat around the eyes Whether it is ptosis, pruritus, sagging eyelids have bags of fat under the eyes The eye layers are not equal. All of them cause a loss of confidence. Therefore, upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery help to adjust the balance of the eyes to look beautiful and youthful. Build a good personality to be confident again.

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Eyelid surgery

Upper Blepharoplasty is surgery to correct the problem of the upper eyelid. By the way, it starts with determining the position of the eye line that is suitable and looks beautiful. In which those who have the right class will use the same line. Cut off only the excess skin and fat. Or some build new floors that are appropriate. When the position of the floor Your doctor will estimate the size of the excess skin that needs to be removed. If there is a lot of excess skin, especially around the corners of the eyes The incision line will extend out to the side to collect all the excess skin to create a beautiful eye shape. The doctor will then begin injecting local anesthesia into the area where the surgery will be performed. When the anesthetic starts to work, the doctor will incision by incision in the specified area. Cut off excess skin and fat. Then suture the desired layer and suture to cover the skin wound.

Suitable for eyelid surgery

– The upper eyelid does not have a clear eye layer. (No eye layer or eye layer drooping in the eyelashes is not visible) The two eye layers are not equal.

– Swollen eyelids (with fat bags under the eyelids) and no eyelids

– The upper eyelid has sagging eyelids hanging down to cover the eyes. especially the corner of the eye makes the eyes look triangular. Resulting in a narrow field of vision is The visualization above and to the side is narrowed. When there is sweat, it will flow into the eyes causing it to sting.

– The upper eyelashes protrude the eye causing conjunctivitis. Irritated eyes all the time and tears flow

Potential risks in upper eyelid surgery

Potential risks in upper eyelid surgery

– The upper eyelid may be swollen for a long time, there are bruises, but most of the symptoms improve after the surgery for about 1 – 2 weeks and go into place.

1-2 months, the doctor will recommend a cold compress after the surgery for about 24 – 72 hours.

– Eyelids are not equal or not beautiful. It is recommended to consult a doctor who performs surgery after the swelling is completely dissolved for about 3 months so that the surgeon who operates will consider the appropriateness of the correction.

– may see double vision caused by injection of anesthesia or swelling but will disappear after the anesthetic wears off or the swelling disappears

lower eyelid surgery

Lower eyelid surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty) is a solution to the problematic appearance of the lower eyelid. Usually the lower eyelid is bulged and there is an increase in fat under the eyes. Which is blocked by strong eyelid muscles that make it look smooth But when stress, lack of care, increasing age As a result, this portion of fat gradually bulges out. The best way to reduce the bags of fat under the eyes is surgery to remove excess fat under the eyes or move the fat to the deep groove to make it smooth. and correct sagging of the skin, muscles of the lower eyelids Liposuction under the eyes is not possible. Because it is close to the important organs are the eyes. Lower eyelid surgery cannot correct wrinkles, eyelids and eyelids, but will tighten the muscles around the lower eyes to make them tighter. To keep the eyes looking younger and prevent eyelash curling.

Suitable for lower eyelid surgery

– The lower eyelid is protruding from the lower eyelid fat bag protrusion due to genetic conditions or old age.

– The lower eyelid is wrinkled. There are creases of the eyelids. When smiling, the edge of the lower eyelid will bulge out. And there is a pleated wrinkle or split from the bottom of the eye.

Potential risks in lower eyelid surgery

– blurred vision from injection of anesthesia or swelling but will heal on its own after the anesthetic wears off

– The lower eyelid may swell for a long time. bruising or pain But most of the symptoms will improve after the surgery about 1-2 weeks and will be in place in 1 – 2 months. In most cases, the doctor will recommend a cold compress after the surgery for about 24 – 72 hours.

– The lower eyelid is open or the lower eyelid does not cover the conjunctiva. causing me to close my eyes May be caused by residual swelling In most cases, the doctor will wait for about 3 months to collapse. If symptoms persist, ask the treating physician closely.

– Dry eyes or feeling like there is sand in the eyes So let the tears come out causing the eyes to become luscious and blurry Caused by cutting off the excess fat skin around the lower eyelid. causing the lower eyelid to shrink This usually doesn’t last long and will return to normal in a few days or weeks. You should consult your doctor immediately if you have symptoms.

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