How was Gold Discovered in Ancient Times

Gold has been a source of interest for humans since the beginning of time. We don’t know exactly when the first human picked up a gold nugget and thought, “Wow, this is really cool.” Gold flakes, on the other hand, have been found in Paleolithic caves dating back to 40,000 B.C.

The vast majority of historical evidence points to gold as a source of fascination for humans who had the chance to come into contact with it. Gold is found all over the world and is frequently mentioned in ancient texts. Check the gold rate today in Maharashtra, to know about the current gold rates.

Rise of Gold

Because gold doesn’t corrode, many ancient cultures considered it immortal and powerful. Due to its scarcity and beauty, ruling classes used it to demonstrate their ability and position.

Gold was first discovered near rivers in Asia Minor, like the Pactolus in Lydia. Around 2000 BCE, Egyptians and Romans began mining it in Africa, Portugal, and Spain. Romans used iron pyrites to melt gold. Gold’s versatility made it useful for jewelry, coins, and currency.

Egyptians and Gold

Ancient Egyptian artifacts found around 3,000 B.C. show human interaction with gold for the first time. Pharaohs and temple priests of ancient Egypt wore gold masks to protect themselves from evil spirits. The gold-plated capstones of the Giza Pyramids were an absolute necessity. A gold-to-silver ratio of one piece of gold equals two and a half pieces of silver was also established by the Egyptians.

There are also some ancient Egyptian gold maps that are still in existence today. In Egypt, these gold maps detailed where to find gold mines and deposits. Despite their love of gold, the Egyptians never used it as a medium of exchange. As a substitute for money, the majority of Egyptians accepted barley as payment. A civilization in western Turkey known as the Kingdom of Lydia was the first known civilisation to use gold as currency.

Ancient Greeks and Gold

Among the immortal gods and demigods, gold became a symbol of social status and glory for the ancient Greeks. Gold was both a symbol of wealth and a form of currency for mortals. It is a common misconception that the Olympic tradition of awarding gold medals to winners dates back to the ancient Olympics.

The Bible and Gold

Likewise, the land of Havilah, located close to Eden, is described as having good gold in Genesis 2:10-12. Countless ancient civilizations, including the Incans and Aztecs, made extensive use of gold in religious rituals and notable architectural designs.

Gold has long served as a status symbol in ancient societies to distinguish one social strata from another. Emperors, priests, and members of society’s upper classes all benefited from having gold in their possession.


For millennia, gold has held a special social status. It has a long history as a valuable metal and is far from finished. If you are interested in investing in Gold, don’t miss out on checking the gold price in Gujarat.

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