How Much Do Dogs Cost in UK?

The price of dogs has increased in the UK, with some breeds costing more than PS1,000. The Dogs Trust has been working to curb puppy smuggling and has seen some dogs reduce in price since the lockdown. However, the demand for dogs in the UK is still at an all time high. Whether you are looking for a pet for yourself or your kids, here’s a guide to the cost of dog ownership in the UK.

A study by the financial firm MORE TH>N revealed that the average cost of dogs in the UK is PS1,875 for a puppy. This figure is significantly higher than the PS888 spent in the same period last year. The most expensive breeds were the Cocker spaniels and Jack Russells, which each cost an average of PS1,879 apiece. The average cost of an English or American bulldog is more than PS2,000.

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The average cost of a Labrador puppy in Britain is PS780, and a kitten costs PS125. A cat will cost PS95, while a dog will cost PS125. A cat’s annual fee to get microchipped is PS125. And pet insurance will set you back an average of PS793, according to the Association of British Insurers. The cost of a puppy’s annual expenses will increase over time, depending on its breed, age, susceptibility to illnesses, and level of cover.

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