Candle Making Supplies Book

Make candles by using the right materials. Here’s a list containing essential candle making supplies that you can use to make your candles.

A Comprehensive Guide

  1. Candle Wax

This is probably the most important item in candle making. It is responsible for keeping the wick burning. It should stay intact under normal conditions and melt more quickly at higher temperatures. The candle wax must not react to water and be odorless.

  1. Candle Wicks

This item is a short strip of material that helps keep the flame from your candles. Your candles won’t light without your wick. Your wick will begin to burn once it is burned. Then your wax will begin melting and vaporizing.

If the wick is of the right size or thickness, your candle will burn correctly. Too small wicks may not completely melt the wax while too large will create lots of smoke. Your container’s size, shape, and type are important factors.

  1. Wick Holder

The wick must be in its place as you pour the candle wax into your mould. Use a holder so that your wick will not fall into your candle wax.

The use of a wick stand holder would not be necessary if the wicks are pre-waxed and have been previously dipped into beeswax/paraffin.

  1. Candle Moulds

Another essential ingredient for candle making is candle mould. It is possible to make candles in many different and creative ways.

It’s usually made of silicone, metal, and/or plastic. You can experiment with many shapes using silicone or plastic but a mould made of metal will give you the best look.

  1. Wicking Needle

A wicking threading needle can take away the stress and hassle of threading a wick through a candle mould. This material is useful especially when you have to thread a large candle wick through a small hole.

  1. Melting Pot

Direct heat should be avoided when you melt wax on the stove. Use a melting pot for the perfect melting of candle wax

  1. Thermometer

You need to monitor the wax used in candle making. To test the temperature, either a Candle Thermometer or an Infrared Gun can be used.

Your wax should not be too hot. Other supplies like scent oils must also be added at a set temperature.

  1. Candle Dye

This item is meant to give color to your candles. You should ensure it will work with your candle’s wax. Certain wax types, such as soy wax, require more color application.

Candle dyes are available in liquid, blocks, and chips. The liquid dye is the most straightforward to use, as it doesn’t need to be dispersed. It can also be used in color mixing. It is similar to dye chips and produces light and subtle shades in soy wax.

  1. Fragrance Oils And Essential Oils

Pleasant aromas make a great addition to any candle. To make your candles scentful, add an ounce of oil to every pound.

Perfume oils provide the most reliable and consistent fragrance, while essential oils are more organic because they are extracted from parts or plants. Fragrance essential oils offer more variety of scents. Essential oils, however, are better if your allergies or sensitivities to certain scents exist. They are also used in aromatherapy as well as other treatments.

  1. Candle Jars

Use modern jars as an alternative to your free-standing candles. They’re a great alternative to traditional designs and you can put any candle oil in them.

With any container, jar, or another container you prefer, your candles will have a flawless finish. You can choose from containers with a smooth, polished surface and frosted ones to hide any imperfections in the candle wax.

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