Big sport: the strangest rules

Any kind of competition has its own rules, which must be observed by the players. Sports have always been a source of controversy – without them, the complex rules that distinguish modern disciplines would not have arisen. The great sport requires serious competition – strict rules complicate the life of an athlete, forcing him to improve. However, some sports have gone very far and come up with rules that can surprise anyone. It is these rules that we will discuss in this article. If you are a sports fan, try betting on live sport betting – here you will definitely be pleased with the rules and promotions of the company.


In hockey, fights and hard power moves are not officially prohibited – millions of people love the game for this. However, even in such a freestyle discipline, there is a strange rule that prohibits hitting a high-flying puck. This is done, ostensibly, in order to reduce the risk of hitting another hockey player with a stick on the head.


Own goal – a ball scored into your own ring is awarded to the opposing team in all basketball rules, however, in the NBA league, such a goal is also recorded on account of the player of the opposing team who was closest to the ring. Such statistics sometimes added points to players who did not show themselves in anything else on the field.


In Kyokushin karate, you are not allowed to headbutt people, but you are allowed to headbutt them. Also in karate, direct blows to the face with the hands are prohibited, but no one forbids doing it with the feet.


Judges can deduct points for you even for a perfect performance if your hair is at least a little disheveled. Judges can deduct points for you even for a perfect performance if your hair is at least a little disheveled.

Water polo

If the rubber cap of a polo player falls off during the game, he is removed from the field – therefore, caps with an additional fastening on the chin are produced specifically for this discipline. In addition, blows to the genitals and splashing with water are strictly prohibited here.


A player’s dress code is subject to strict regulation in golf – he should not be wearing anything other than a polo shirt and long trousers.

On particularly hot days, it is allowed to wear white shorts, in all other cases, the penalty for violation is removal from the field.


There are many rules in football, but those that apply to goalkeepers are little known to the general public. So, for example, goalkeepers are required to play in a long-sleeved T-shirt in order to avoid injury during the game.

Nevertheless, this rule is often ignored even in the major leagues and goalkeepers are released onto the field in a free form, which is not regulated in any way.


Women’s lacrosse has a rule that forbids players from touching while playing. At the same time, there is no such rule in male lactose. The reasons for the rule’s adoption remain unknown.

NASCAR racing

In NASCAR car racing, there is a so-called “crash time” – a period of 20 minutes after an accident occurs, when drivers can earn points faster by competing with each other


Baseball players are strictly prohibited from talking to opponents while they are wearing the uniforms of the warring clubs.

Remember that any sport has its own rules, for violation of which a player can be removed from the field. That is why, when you play a sport or bet on sports, it is important to learn all the rules in advance so as not to lose.

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